Hi Tamara, Thank you for your email- we had the most beautiful day!
Amie was excellent and her playing added to a beautiful atmosphere She even went above and beyond to help organise a surprise song with Anderson! ..... Thanks so much

Emily & Anderson

March 2021, RE: Amie Grisold

Hey Tamara, I have just this second emailed Mr Meaner, thanking them for an amazing night. Could not have asked for more. They were so nice and willing to help with the additional extra touches. Music was awesome. I just left it up to them to read the room and play what they wanted. They nailed it. They also learnt a song request which I was so thankful for. I have some video I think but we did have a professional photographer and there will definitely be photos in that. I will send them through in a couple of weeks


May 2021, RE: Mr Meaner

Hi Tamara, Thank you so much. Apologies for the delay, the last few days have been a whirlwind. We had a wonderful day and couldn't have asked for any more. Although we didn't get to enjoy the music, we had wonderful feedback from our guests who really enjoyed the harp and violin. Thanks again,

Kim & Matt

March 2021, RE: Markus & Anna harp & violin duo

Hi there Tamara, Thank you so much!! We had a perfect day, exactly what we had hoped for! The band played beautifully and were stunning to watch and listen to. I had multiple guests say to me throughout the night how lovely the band was. They also made our first dance perfect. I didn't get any photos myself on the night, but I'll get back to you as more come in from friends and family! I'm sure there are some great ones of the band :) I have attached a snippet of our first dance but it's pretty low resolution! I hope they had a great time too, and please pass on my thanks and appreciation. All the best.


May 2021, RE: The Neon Effect

Hi Tamara, Thanks for your well wishes - we had the absolute best time. Abe was just awesome! The dancefloor was going all night - so lucky to have the caps lifted on dancefloor restrictions because it would have been impossible to keep guests from dancing. I'll send through photos as soon as we have some in the coming weeks - more than happy for you to share on socials. Thanks!


March 2021, RE: Abe Anderson

Hi Tamara, Sam waaay exceeded our/my expectations! He was fantastic, friendly (as you had mentioned) & funny!! We all agreed that we’d love to watch him perform again soon, even at another private event. Thank you so much for helping me organise everything. I had such a great day & watching Sam play in the afternoon was truly a pinch me moment. I didn’t take any pics but my guests did so I’ll forward some onto you. Thanks again, Kind Regards


May 2021, RE: Sam Hanson

Hello! Thank you so much!!
It was amazing as soon as I get my photos I’ll send you any with Will. He was absolutely divine we couldn’t have been happier with him!!


April 2021, RE: Will Gardiner

Good morning Tamara, Yes, thank you, please pass on our positive feedback to Kate and band. They were fantastic, our staff loved them. Kate has a truly beautiful voice… Cheers 


May 2021, RE: Kate Daley band