Hi Tamara, Thank you for your email- we had the most beautiful day!
Amie was excellent and her playing added to a beautiful atmosphere She even went above and beyond to help organise a surprise song with Anderson! ..... Thanks so much

Emily & Anderson

March 2021, RE: Amie Grisold

Hi Tamara, We had an awesome night. The band was amazing. I'll try to get a few photos to send. Cheers, 


March 2020, RE: Coolchange

Hi Tamara, Thank you so much. Apologies for the delay, the last few days have been a whirlwind. We had a wonderful day and couldn't have asked for any more. Although we didn't get to enjoy the music, we had wonderful feedback from our guests who really enjoyed the harp and violin. Thanks again,

Kim & Matt

March 2021, RE: Markus & Anna harp & violin duo

Sorry we have been on our honeymoon. Graham was fantastic Had everyone up on the dance floor & clothing being thrown around. He did a great job!! Thank you… 


March 2020, RE: DJ Graham

We had an amazing night and the musicians certainly added to the magic. We had about 65 guests. We set up the musicians under the gazebo but realised the volume of the music was far lower than I anticipated and we ended moving them to the decking so the guests could enjoy the music. We did have a ‘corn in the hole’ game that we’d planned to set up on the decking so we couldn’t do that but I think we made the right decision. Markus was totally lovely so huge thanks to them....


March 2020, RE: No Strings Attached

Pleased to confirm that our attendees were impressed. In fact I would say that this is the best response that we have had since we started our music sessions 3 years ago.


March 2020, RE: Kate Daley Band

Hi Tamara, Sorry I’m late getting back to you just wanted to let you know we all had a great night at my 60th and Ali was brilliant everyone thought he was great, Thank you, Cheers


March 2020, RE: DJ Ali

HI Tamara, the band was a great success! Apparently people were still dancing once they stopped playing – seems our members are keen to move. And I believe one of our members has already booked them for a birthday party. I will attached the only photo I have seen so far. Many thanks for all your assistance. Cheers


March 2020, RE: All Shook Up