Hi Tamara, All went very well thank you - Dixie Dukes were exactly what I was looking for….thank you for your recommendation, I will try hunt down a few pics


June 2019, RE: The Dixie Dukes

Thanks Tamara, Georgia was fabulous, you can find a picture of her in action and share from our Geelong Youth page.
Loved her voice, and such a lovely person too. Thanks heaps. Kind regards


June 2019, RE: Georgia Rodgers

Good morning Tamara, Joe was wonderful yesterday. Always interactive with the group and put smiles on everyone’s faces.
He had the whole room (50+ people) up on the dance floor doing the hokey pokey! Will definitely have him back in the program next year.  Have a great day


June 2019, RE: Joe Serra

Hi Tamara, Blue Wax were fantastic! They worked the room well without being too intrusive, the sound quality was great as well. Thanks,


May 2019 RE: Blue Wax

We just wanted to let you know how impressed and how much we enjoyed Chrissy’s visit this month. Residents and staff enjoyed her music and also commented on how lovely she was also. She was so engaged with the residents also.


June 2019, RE: Chrissy

Hi Tamara, Apologies in the delay in touching base. I’m still catching up on lots of things since the opening! Firstly I want to say that the Sweet Strings were just fabulous. They were absolutely perfect for the event – we had some lovely comments about eh music. I have also attached a couple of photos. Thanks again – I appreciate your help in organising this! Kind regards,


May 2019, RE: Sweet Strings

Thxs Tamara, the guys did an awesome job, everyone had a great time. I didnt have to do anything, the guys did the lot. I dont have any pics at the moment, am waiting for them to be sent to me. could take abt a week before they send them thru. Only too happy to send any across of us hitting the dance floor. Thxs heaps and give the guys my thxs, they were great, cheers,


June 2019, RE: Trent Hamilton duo

Hi Tamara sorry for late reply ..yeah all went great . I had a sax guy play for an hour then blue wax kicked on .. everyone loved them was plenty of dancing ...


May 2019 RE: Blue Wax