Hi Tamara, Things with the J Band went swimmingly. They were amazing and guests loved them.  Once we get some photos back from the photographer we will send some through!


March 2019, RE: The J Band

Hi Tamara,  Firstly, Tom and Lib say a big Thank You for the well wishes and secondly, Kieran T was INCREDIBLE. We loved celebrating but honestly it wouldn't have been the event it was if it wasn't for him. We hope he knows how good he was!!!  So thank you for recommending him, and we will be sure to use him again for our functions in the future. We took quite a few cards and handed them around too. The people loved him....Thanks for all your help in organising this. Kind regards,


March 2019, RE: Kieran T

Good morning Tamara, Cam waa fantastic, great voice, very easy going and the group just loves the chilled vibes he put off. He was very patient with us as we did some awards and games etc. Would recommend to anyone. I don’t have any snaps of Cam singing but here are a couple of the group and the set up while Cam was singing. Thanks again for all your help.


March 2019, RE: Cam Bryce

Hi Tamara! Georgia was spectacular! Her voice and music was spot on for what I was looking for and I couldn't recommend her more! ... Thank you!


March 2019, Re: Georgia Rodgers

Thanks so much Tamara the night went really well and the band was great. As l was really busy dancing that night l didn't get any photos but lm sure some will come my way and l will send them on to you.Thanks once again, Cheers 


March 2019, RE: Blue Wax

Hi Tamara, Thank you very much, sorry about the delay in reply, first day back to work since the wedding. Days Gone By were fantastic, the guys did an awesome job we were very happy with what they brought to the wedding. They did a great job considering they were both injured on the night, poor buggers!! Cam and Brett are great blokes and I will certainly try and book them again for our Christmas function with work as soon as we work out a date. I will go through all the photos from the wedding night and see if I can find something you can use.Thanks Again.


March 2019, RE: Days Gone By

Hi Tamara, Everything ran as smooth as clockwork, Matty was perfect. He was impressed that you had the green tea mentioned on his rider. I will be sure to send some photos through to you when i get them, if there are any good ones. Once again, Matty was fantastic. He played to the crowd well. I thought the crowd would be up more for a dance, but he read it better. I hope he enjoyed the night to. I will be sure to look him up next time we are in Apollo bay. Regards, 


March 2019, RE: Matt Orchard

Hi Tamara,  Thank you.  Brad was bloody amazing, could not have played to the crowd any better. Everyone was so impressed with him!
We forgot to take photos, but if any go up we will send through to you. Heaps of people sent snap chats of him playing saying how good he was.  Was a great day.


March 2019, RE: Lukey Luke