Hi Tamara, Apologies for the late reply, as you can probably appreciate, the couple of weeks post-wedding are as busy as the weeks in the lead up!  We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Ali at the wedding. He was extremely friendly and genuinely happy for us on our big day. There was a bit of confusion when he arrived about where/how he would set up while the pianist continued to play, but this was resolved quickly and professionally.

Ali even offered us use of his mic for the speeches, when we were having a few issues with the hotel's sound, which helped the speeches run smoothly. This also involved effective communications between Ali and our MC, as it meant that our speakers were making their speeches next to the DJ booth, rather than at the lectern at the opposite end of the hall.

We've lost count of the number of people who have come up to us post-wedding to say how much they enjoyed the music. It seemed as though the dance floor was packed, pretty much from the time Ali started! ..... 

Many thanks,


April 2018, RE: DJ Ali