Hi Tamara... Firstly I must thank you again for providing a brilliant service (yet again), all of our dealings with you & your company, both past & present, have been an absolute dream.  To the wedding night... Alastair was fantastic! Such a professional! Not only did he perform beautifully, but was respectful & checked in with Lani to make sure she was enjoying her night. He entertained requests from the crowd (my nephew Max was so thrilled) & everyone was so impressed. I was approached by many guests on the night singing Alastair’s praises. Unfortunately I took very few photos of the actual night myself (& I have none of Alastair), believe me I’m kicking myself 😁 but I will send through a couple that Lani & Jullian are happy to post. Thank you so much once again, Until next time,


March 2019, RE: Alastair Vick