Hi Tamara, I’m so sorry for such a delayed reply, think I’m still recovering from the weekend . I could not fault Dean at all. He was so easy to work with, so adaptable to the girls and was so relaxed and willing to work in with us. I feel there aren’t any words that would do him and his work justice! He really did make the day as fun and special as it was. He was most certainly the highlight.  I will be sure to recommend him to anyone in the surf coast. He was fantastic. Will have a look and see if there’s any photos I can send through for you, we were all having a bit too much fun dancing to his music 😆  Thanks again for your help also; you were so prompt, easy and reliable which I really appreciate at such short notice. I’ll definitely be keeping Haze music, and Dean in mind for the future. Kind regards


January 2019, RE: Dean Betts