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Singer / songwriter

It’s a long way to the top if you want to be an independent musician. You’ve got to be prepared to drive 100,000 miles, and spend the majority of an entire decade in a tour van.

Or spend 1000 nights sleeping on a floor or a couch, and eating noodles for most of your meals because, most of the time, you live below the poverty line. Well, at least that's the reality for independent musicians.

At the age of twenty, life appeared to be heading down a very different path for Australian singer/songwriter Justin Keenan. In fact, not only was he in his third year of a Masters Degree with an aspiring career ahead, he couldn't even play an instrument.

Fast forward to 2015 and he is standing backstage with his two sons, aged 10 and 13, about to perform to a crowd of thousands. And it's nothing unique for his sons either. Raised by their father alone, they've been to gigs all over the world since they were babies. In that time, they've seen both the inspiring realization of a dream, and the tumultuous hardships of unpredictable finances and familial isolation. But, the Keenan family has stuck through it together, and now stand on the other side stronger than ever.

In 2015, Keenan will release a film entitled “These Are the Days,” a documentary film that has been captured over more than a decade of writing, performing, and traveling the world with his band The Go Set. It captures an honest and gritty depiction of what goes on behind the scenes long before you have ever heard of a new artist; of the constant tenacity required and consistent rejection faced; of the disparity between the reality of life as a musician and the performers we see under the bright lights of the stage; and of how we juggle adversity in our personal lives with the undying pursuit of a dream.

However, Keenan wouldn’t have traded this journey for anything because he has met the most incredible people along the way. Having been through most of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia, he has met people who have made him more genuine, more authentic, more caring for others, and more appreciative of the history of different cultures.

Looking back over the past 17 years of sacrifices, flat tires, back-to-back gigs, and heartaches, nothing has been more worth it than Keenan’s creative journey. Keenan believes that he has formed the most incredible team of people, spanning across the entire globe, that surround him, support him, and collaborate with him. It’s been a lot of fun for Keenan to gain the level of success and support that he now has, and he can’t wait to see what the next 17 years of independent musicianship has next. From shows in WWII artillery bunkers to huge rock festivals, from playing on moving steam trains to playing for village children who have nothing. This is the uplifting story of the universal language of music, and the positive affects it brings to people everywhere.

While Justin's solo career has grown, he still ows much credit to his band “THE GO SET,”
 which he still leads today as it's frontman.

Meet THE GO SET and hear their music …

As a solo cover artists, Justin plays music from artists such as Creedence, Rolling Stones etc, as well as Australian acts like Paul Kelly, Hunters and Collectors, The Church.