Haze Music solo performer geelong - Jamie Pye

Acoustic / Finger style guitarist

Jamie is a talented young guitarist from Geelong who plays Acoustic/Instrumental/Finger-style genres.

Since the age of 9 he has been learning guitar avidly and at 14 he began composing and performing regularly.

After being influenced by artists such as John Butler, Kim Churchill, Daniel Champagne and many more, he discovered open tunings and tunings other than standard to enable additional ideas, options and techniques. He also uses percussive techniques on the body of the guitar to create music that is more involved than simply playing the guitar.

Jamie has just released his first full length album called ‘Vibrations’.   He is currently performing in Geelong and Melbourne and has enjoyed playing with well-known musicians such as Lloyd Spiegel, Jordie Lane, Shaun Kirk, Bill Chambers, Carus Thompson, Howlin’ Steam Train, and other upcoming local musicians and bands. He has also performed at festivals such as Queenscliff Music Festival, The Basin Music Festival, Airey’s Inlet Music Festival and Anglesea Music Festival. Jamie hopes to continue performing around the area and would love to pursue a career in music.  

Jamie has the talent, commitment and hunger to make a great career in music. It’s exciting to know I’ll look back and remember when it began’  Lloyd Spiegel
Premier endorsee – Cole Clark Guitars

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