Haze Music solo performer geelong - Jack Wright

Percussion Guitarist & Vocals

Jack is a percussive acoustic guitarist from Geelong.

Learning the guitar since the age of 12, starting on the electric guitar and playing in various rock bands. From the age of 17 he found an interest in playing the acoustic guitar after seeing clips on YouTube of artists such as Newton Faulkner, John Butler, Andy McKee, Jon Gomm and many more.

Since then he has explored many acoustic artists and tried to expand his technical ability and song writing to be able to create lush melodies and up beat percussion all at the same time on the one instrument.

Within his first year of playing shows solo, Jack has worked with artists such as Andy Sorenson, Lloyd Spiegel, Daniel Champagne, Claude Hay, Ben Wells and the Middle names, as well as many talented local artists.

He released his first Demo Ep "Sounds Like A Plan" in late November 2012, which is also available on itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/sounds-like-a-plan-ep/id591331727

'Excellent musical ideas and impressive chops!' Gotye

'Jack Wright is a serious serious player, not only is he a solid technician, his music carries a soul and passion that many lack. Definitely one to watch!' Mike Dawes

When I got to play a show with this guy I thought: Here is a guy that's going to be more famous than Cameron Ling! Jack Wright: funny bloke, serious guitar player'  Andy Sorenson



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