Originals band The Last Coast

6 piece original Band

Fusing and synthesizing emelents together requires an immense amount of entery - heat, pressure, and raw chemical pwoer combine together and release even more intense, radiant energy.

In 2003, singer/songwriter Justin Keenan and bassist Mark Moran tapped into this energy and formed The Go Set. Combining their influences of traditional Celtic music and fold music, punk rock and rock n' roll, and a voice for social conscience and political reform. The Go Set lit it's fuse and watched the wick spark.

In November 2004, the band partnered with Birdland Studios in Melbourne and engineer Lindsay Gravina (Spiderbait, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Hole, The Living End) to record their debut album "Sing a Sing of Revolutio).  Recorded in just two days, the album captured all the intensity and raw energy that the band had build a reputation for.  After the release of "Sing A Song of Revolution", the band hit the road immediately and toured extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, gaining a strong fan base that craved its electric and chaotic live shows.