Originals band Leeden

4 piece original Band

L E E D E N are four young lads hailing from Melbourne & the Surfcoast in Australia.

Intent on creating a totally unique listening experience, L E E D E N started out as an online collaboration between four lads in different cities, holed up in their respective home studios - the results of which, were far too rockin’ to be kept to themselves.

And so, the band was born.

L E E D E N have just released their debut single ‘L O V E D E S T R O Y E R’ to much hype, generating a huge buzz around the group, with the tune already on rotation on commercial radio in Australia, and substantial airplay in New York, Los Angeles & Japan - The band will be following this up shortly with a full length album, and will be taking their show on the road in 2018.

‘I first ran into Matt from L E E D E N and their music a few years ago - a long story, involving music biz crooks, broken promises and other crap life'll throw at you - but the songs he wrote and the group played, well there was something right about them; you know what I mean? The kind of songs that sound like you've known them forever, and yet fresh and original all at the same time.'

- Sylvie Simmons, author & writer for MOJO, Rolling Stone

 You can check out new single LOVE DESTROYER at Leeden Facebook page

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