haze music blues band derek and the champs

4 Piece Blues Band

Derek & The Champs are a local 4-piece blues band "with a twist"

This popular Geelong-based blues band comes with a punch when it comes to experience!  Perfect for a fantastic night of blues "twisted" in with some great classic covers... expect the unexpected!

ROD HOE ... Drums
Rod has played with many artists including Allison Durban Johnny Chester Jade Hurley Rick Bartlett, Bobby and Laurie the 50s american band the DriftersAdelaide blues band Tramp, Geelong bands, Lizard, Captain Black ,Goanna Gathering Child Rim Shot, Memphis Zambelis Latrobe Terrors Grizzly bros, the Stew ,Blue Jam Ball and Chain, Mgb, Hurdy Gurdy Donegal Express Way To Go, Cool Change, Soul Sister Swing , Flying Ducks.The Bookshop,and theres probably more!

PETER KURE ... Bass Guitar
Peter has played bass guitar in Bands for 30 years covering a diverse array of genera including Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Country and even European pop. Peter's approach to bass is centred on rhythm, melody and feel, inspired by the rock, and funk legends of the 70's, the great bass players from the Motown and Stax eras and todayĆ­s blues rock and southern rock players who have stood the test of time.

IAN WILSON... Guitar Vocals
Ian has been playing Guitar in bands for over 30 years has been support for Jenny Morris, Daryl Brathwaite, Mark Williams, Margaret Urlich and The Choirboys ,most recently worked with Andrea Marr and Chris Wilson, has recorded many original songs, also recorded with Australian Idol finalist Michelle Cashman , played the Festival circuit with Blues band Derek and the Champs , and with with Funk Soul Brother around Melbourne .

GARY QUICK ... Keyboards
Gary has been constantly performing live in various bands throughout Victoria over the past 35 years and has been recording his own music for longer than this. Sharing concert billing with artists such as John Farnham, Ian Moss, Choir Boys and The Black Sorrows.