haze music's The Lea Jetts

4-piece cover band

Playing a mix of new and Classic covers ,Alt Country Rock /West Coast LA Sounds featuring 3 part Harmonies

Leah Mahney - Vocals:

Leah Mayney is an amazingly Talented Vocalist ,who puts her unique style on the Songs she performs with tinges of Nashville and Tamworth. Recently performing with Vocal Trio Avalon , Leah brings a wealth of experience to the project , and her passion for the genre is evident

Pino Pantano - Drums/ vocals:

Pino Pantano is a talented Vocalist /Drummer and multi-instrumentalist who plays a beautiful groove.... In his own words “Groove is everything!”. A lover of all genres, he ties together threads of jazz, unk and soul around the blues and then covers it with smooth lead vocals and harmonies. Music teacher by day, tireless gigging musician by night, Pino performs variously on guitar, bass,and Drums and vocals in local bands the Heyride, Princess Planet, The Bash, Cactus Flower,

Peter Kure -  Bass Guitar:

Peter has played bass guitar in Bands for 30 years, covering a diverse array of genera including Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Country and even European pop. Peter's approach to bass is centred on rhythm, melody and feel, inspired by the rock, and funk legends of the 70's, the great bass players from the Motown and Stax eras and today’s blues rock and southern rock players who have stood the test of time.

Ian Wilson -  Guitar Vocals:

Ian has been playing Guitar in bands for over 25 years. He has been support for Jenny Morris, Daryl Brathwaite,Mark Williams ,Margaret Urlich and The Choirboys ,most recently worked with Andrea Marr and Chris Wilson, has recorded many original songs, also recorded with Australian Idol finalist Michelle Cashman , played the Festival circuit with Blues band Derek and the Champs , and with Funk Soul Brother around Melbourne .