haze music rock and roll band geelong the vaporisers

50’s party band – roving or electric

Meet The Vaporizers – a live party band who specialize in 50’s music, Rock & Roll and Rockabilly.  5 piece - bass, guitar, sax and drums – including 2 females and 3 male vocalists… all dressed 50’s party style. 

Perfect for any event – roving or plugged in …. Read the profiles below and you’ll soon see that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously … it’s simply all about good fun !!






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"VIC DE SOTO" is the lead singer, bass player and spiritual mentor of this exciting outfit. He also handpicked each band member, and “member handling” has always been a specialty of his.

Vic is the father of one of the group members, but he's not sure about the rest.   At least one has had the guts to own up to this fact.  He is in his early 80s despite his youthful appearance, and was a pioneer of the Vegas club scene back in the war years.

Rumour has it that a very young Elvis Presley saw him perform on stage and decided there and then...”that's what I want baby”....Elvis spent years impersonating Vic’s style and even adopted his unique outfits……the rest is history

"FAIRLANE FONTANA" is a talented singer and tambourine player. She is best known for her popular YouTube videos, where she demonstrates the amazing and varied things she can perform with a didgeridoo.

As a young woman, Ms. Fontana joined the convent for a short time, and adopted the name...Sister Mary Voluptuous.

She was, however, forced to part ways with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd’s Pie, following the Choir incident, when during a service to commemorate the Bishop’s coming out, she grabbed the mike and burst into a raunchy version of Onward Christian Soldiers, while stripping at the same time.

"MERCEDES DEVILLE" plays the drums for this fabulous band, even though she is a world-renowned Corrugahorn player.This instrument is made from the flexible corrugated pipe found in the pulmonary care wards of most hospitals.  Sadly, it was not suitable for the band, and it scared the older members.

Mercedes comes from a very talented, musical family...the Van Cloggerfloggers.. It's unfortunate that she murdered them all....not quite the team player!

She brings her bright, bubbly personality to this group. Her other six  personalities aren't talked about much.

"T-BIRD JONES" brings his superb vocals and guitar talents to the band.

He has a unique, sometimes confusing, personality, and hopes to become an eccentric when he grows up.  As a child, he ran away from the circus to join a family.  He says his parents had a profound influence on him.....they are both lunatics.   

T Bird is also quite the philosopher and often ponders on life's mysteries.   He once posed the question.....”If a fly didn't have wings, would it be called a walk?”….Deep stuff indeed......And “what was the best thing before sliced bread?”...a natural thinker.

T Bird gave up drinking about ten years ago and says it was the worst twenty minutes of his life.

"HOT ROD MCCOY" is the saxophone player with this star-studded line-up. By day, he is a mild-mannered Bank Manager with the National bank of Greece.  By night he lurks around the seedy concert halls of Drysdale entertaining the senior citizens boot-scooting group.....dressed only in a cowboy hat and boots.

Hot Rod McCoy has played his sax all over the world, thanks to some cash that was lying around in the bank when no one was watching.

As a young man he spent most of his money on booze, women and fast cars.....the rest he just squandered.