Haze Music Clown, Comedy - Tim Tim

Comedy for Kids & Adults

Get em all laughing.  Zany. Off-the-wall. 

Looking for an all-in-one entertainer that will have you, the kids, the grandparents, the teenage cousins and friends in fits of non-stop laughter?

TimTim puts on an unforgettable, high-energy and no-holds-barred show with magic and comedy for kids and the parents too – giant bubbles, juggling, balloon tricks, balancing and more!

Plus stilt walking, huge never-experienced-before giant bubbles, fire breathing and general round-the-house and chook shed clowning. Throw in some stand-up comedy, MC’ing (Master of Ceremonies), TV appearances and overseas festivals into the mix for good measure!

TimTim is unrepeatable. Literally! TimTim shows are never the same twice. The elements may be similar – giant soap bubbles, fire eating and breathing, comedy balloons, magic, juggling – but you can be sure that each time you see him, the laughs will be completely different. That’s the TimTim magic!


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Children’s shows

Contempory clown and prop based comedian with 30 years experience presenting part planned part improvised comedy shows!

Static shows

  • Giant soap bubbles – up too 6m in good conditions, bubble donut around someone, bubble inside others and multi bubbles inside then release, giant bubble over a person, solid catchabubbles!
  • fun magic – disappearing silk, change bag, comedy magic wand
  • skilled juggling – 3 balls numerous patterns, 4 ball patterns
  • amazing balancing of unusual objects,
  • Comedy balloon making, ball inside a balloon and more!
  • tricks for the kids,
  • audience participation.
  • and more are included in shows for both adults and children of all ages.
  • options in consultation with the client include – add fire eating / breathing (very specialised)
Roving shows

  • Funky stilt walking suitable for any location! Includes giant bubbles from the stilts and rocket balloons/comedy for adults and kids!
  • clownus fantasticus ground level roving including balloonology, bubbleology, catchabubbles, rocket balloons and more!