haze music trio The Neon Effect

Harp, Cello, Fiddle performance trio

Harpist Michelle Burton, cellist/vocalist Catie Martin, oboist/fiddler Jessica Foot meld rich sonorities with eclectic craftsmanship, exploring contemporary Aussie-Trad musical vernacular and igniting it through deep grooves and explosions of colour.

Michelle Burton, Catie Martin and Jessica Foot ignite the folk music of their time and place. Newly-formed in 2017, having already stunned audiences at the Robert Burns and National Celtic Festivals, TNE are recipients of a Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club scholarship enabling them to explore and develop their Australian Trad identity and serve as exponents in a cultural exchange with Shetland and Scottish musicians in September 2017 – giving performances and workshops. They have been collecting, writing and arranging contemporary Australian tunes/songs with eclectic craftsmanship and will continue this project upon their return to Melbourne, with plans to record in 2018.


SAMPLE "A Moment's Unease"

SAMPLE "Dark Room Fiddler"