Morning Melodies Geelong

If you're looking for the perfect Morning Melodies performer in the Geelong region, then contact Haze Music for the perfect entertainment.  Browse our range of acts, or contact us for recommendations and quotes.


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Allan James

    Guitar/Vocals & Professional MC

    This talented and well respected musician is a real "all rounder" entertainer, and is regularly booked to perform at weddings, parties and corporate events.


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Andy Pobjoy

    Piano / Vocals / Sax

    Andy Pobjoy combines the elegance of jazz classics with the fun and energy of party hits, making him the perfect choice for your wedding or next corporate event.

  • CHIC

    haze music cover band geelong chic

    Guitar, vocal duo

    “Chic” combines the talents of Chrissy and Don who have over forty years of entertainment experience between them. Their motto is “If we don’t know it, it ain’t worth singing!” 


    haze music solo performer geelong chrissy

    Keyboard Vocalist

    Professional Lead Vocalist for over 20 years, Chrissy has worked with some of the best musicians in Victoria. Chrissy is a powerful performer who lives for music & possesses the ultimate vocal ability.


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Don Fisher

    Guitar, Vocals & Laughs

    Don Fisher is a solo entertainer with over 30 years experience both in Australia and overseas .Don’s motto is -  "If I don't know it, it ain't worth singing".


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Jeana Davidson

    Guitar / keyboard vocalist

    Jeana Davidson is the complete entertainer who has had vast experience in the entertainment industry both in recording and performing. She is a vocalist, guitarist and pianist.


    haze music solo performer geelong joe serra

    Guitar & Vocals

    The fabulous JUMPIN’ JOE SERRA has had an abundant experience on the entertainment stage!


    haze music cover band geelong Jury and Waugh

    Guitar, Percussion & Vocal Duo

    Wayne Jury and Greg Waugh share a passion for a well-crafted tune and apart from some more recent popular tunes they draw heavily on the American songbook from the 1920’s to the 1950’s for their inspiration, much to the delight of their audience.


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Kevin Mahoney

    Keyboard / Vocals

    Kevin is a keyboard vocalist with over 30years performing all over Australia & Internationally.


    Haze Music solo performer geelong - Paul Carrigg

    Guitar / Vocals

    Paul started playing in rock bands when he was 17 and has always been a familiar face among the Geelong musicians and venues alike.

  • THIS 'n THAT

    haze music cover band geelong this n that

    Keyboard, Guitar & Vocals

    2 of Geelong's favourite Solo performers have joined forces to create "THIS 'n THAT"....A new duo designed to entertain everyone, anywhere.