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I take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful, happy Christmas, full of love & laughter!

To all our performers - thank you for a fantastic year... please be safe on the roads travelling to Christmas and New Year gigs!

To all our wonderful clients - thank you SO much for giving our performers the opportunity to do what they love, and to celebrate with you, whatever your special event has been during the year!

Wishing love, joy, peace and pure happiness to everyone!... Tamara

Please note that we I be on Christmas leave until Monday 11th January - if you need me in that time, please leave a phone, facebook or email message - although internet access will be limited, I should be able to check in on daily basis!


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Without question, absolutely the very first blog on our new look Haze Music website, is to thank Chris at Ray French & Associates for all his hard work in designing the new site!

Chris was fantasic in asking all the right questions to ensure that the website was everything I needed ... and more!  Even when I didn't know what I wanted, Chris pointed me in the right direction, and the result speaks for itself!

If you need help with web design, media strategy, print, marketing, SEO or e-commerce, do yourself a favour and give Chris a call !!  I can't thank him enough!