The gift of music on Mothers Day

Why not give your mum the gift of music or great entertainment this Mothers Day? We thought we'd help you out with 10 ideas you might not have thought of... some a little "out of the box", but food for thought...

  1. There are some amazing local wineries and restaurants in our region, and many of them have live entertainment on Mothers Day, so why not take mum out to lunch?

  2. If mum is young at heart and loves a great night out (or even a baby boomer who is happy to "grow old disgracefully" perhaps you could take out to one of our many local live music venues.

  3. Does she love the theatre? There are some great shows coming up at GPAC, so why not buy her tickets to a show?

  4. Depending on how tech savvy she is, if you buy her CD or iTunes voucher, she can enjoy her favourite music.

  5. Movie Tickets are always another fantastic entertainment gift.

  6. You could write her a song! Whether it's the song of the year, sentimental, funny or absolutely "shite" or cringe-worthy, mum would appreciate the effort!

  7. If she's always wanted to sing or play an instrument, consider purchasing some singing or music lessons for her ... there are some amazing teachers locally!

  8. Vinyl records are making a sneaky come-back, so if you know that mum happens to have some old records lying around, but no longer has a record player, why not buy her one so she can enjoy some of her favourite old albums?

  9. If spending time with you would be on the top of mum's wish list, then perhaps pick up some popcorn and mums favourite DVD, and head over to her house for a quiet night in together....

  10. If your mum's idea of the perfect mothers day is to be left alone to enjoy a day to herself, perhaps drop off some bubble bath, candles and a CD with relaxing music, and suggest she enjoy a peaceful bath, listening to some soothing tunes....

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