Hi Tamara, No Strings Attached performed admirably. It was a bit of a blur for me admittedly but we have heard nothing but good feedback about them from our guests who attended the ceremony. We should have photos in about a month and video sometime after that. We'll shoot something through to you. Please pass on our thanks once again to Ben for organising things, and to Jamie, Kathryn and Tim for a job well done. And thank you too for your part in getting us this lovely music for our special day. Cheers,

Stefani and Ivan

(October 2017, RE: No Strings Attached)

Thanks Tamara Blue Wax were outstanding. They played the music that i wanted and were very professional. !!


(Sept 2017, RE: Blue Wax)

Morning Tamara,  The band was great - played really good music and entertained the umpires, everything went well,Thanks,


(October 2017, RE: Jukebox Heroes)

Hi Tamara, They were awesome thank you – very professional and sounded great. I felt a bit embarrassed that they had to keep stopping and starting around our brief presentations throughout the evening, but they reassured me that it was ok. Looking forward to having them again at our events,


(Sept 2017, RE: Fudge)

“Sorry for the late reply, Don was brilliant! everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves, he's a real entertainer, thank you for recommending him and i will be recommending him to others. Can't wait to have another function so I can book him again. Thanks again,


(Sept 2017, RE: Don Fisher)

Hi Tamara, It was so good, even better than I expected! He was hilarious and very entertaining. Sorry, I didn't get any photos but I'll see if anyone else did!


(August 2017, RE: Andy Magee Hypnotist Show)

Hi Tamara, Everything went great with DJ J! He was able to stay back for an extra half hour as we had a bus issue & we were so grateful of that! Even listening to the crowds requests of football theme songs, especially Richmond..hahah....Kind Regards


(Sept 2017, RE: DJ Jay)

"Hi tamara we had a great time and my wife had a great surprise, thank you for your help and Aby was great, her voice was really sweet and made for a relaxed party. I was also very happy with Aby service prior to the party as she contacted me a few times regarding song requests that I had. I would strongly recommend Aby for any event. Thank you


(August 2017, RE: Abi Grace)