Hi Tamara, Perfect! He was very well received! Everyone commented how it made the day....Thanks


(April 2017, RE: Jason Bull)

Hi Tamara, Just wanted to let you know, Allan did a great job last night. Just perfect for the event and the crowd.We’d love to book him for future events down the track for our other communities’ events too.

Mark K

(March 2017, RE: Allan James)

Hi Tamara, Yes, thank you from me too! The day was a great success and the Jazz Connection Trio playing added to the ambience of the day. Obviously people noted them and enjoyed it as they said – “don’t forget to thank the band!”. Of which we did. Thanks again and thanks for following us up to see if wanted them booked again. Warm Regards


(April 2017, Re: Jazz Connection Trio)

Hi Tamara! Thanks so much. We had an amazing weekend. John was fantastic, really loved his work 😉 Thanks again


(March 2017, RE: John Stephensen)

Hi Tamara, Thanks for all your assistance with the jazz trio, having them on the stage was a great addition to the lunch. The day was really terrific, 105 guests all loving our local menu ....Thanks again


(April 2017, RE: The Jazz Connection Trio)

Hi Tamara, We had a fabulous time, Graham was the best!! Every time I needed something from hjm he was more than happy to accommodate!! He was Awesome definitely recommend him. I will touch base after our honeymoon and send you some pics:) Thanks again for everything!! Cheers,

The New Mr & Mrs McKee xx

(March 2017, RE: DJ Graham)

Hi Tamara, Thanks for the note. Sweet Strings were amazing - it was perfect! I think I do have some photos, I will try and send through some photos probably tomorrow or Monday. Thanks again.

Sara P

(March 2017, RE: Sweet Strings)

Hi Tamara, Jamie was incredible, so perfect for the evening. We would love to have Jamie back at any time! Once I receive photos from our photographer I will definitely pass onto you. Many thanks Tamara, have a great weekend :) Kind regards, 

Maddy P

(March 2017, RE: Jamie Pye)