Fantastic! When Christine plays it is like you are teleported to heaven. She brought smiles to faces and warmth to our hearts. And you can quote me:) Kind regards,


(RE: Christine Middleton, Harpist, June 2017)

Hi Tamara .... He was awesome, I've had requests to have him back so we might be in touch later in the year! Thanks again, 

Grace L

(May 2017, RE: Dean Betts)

Hi Tamara, I have had so many lovely comments about Jeanna. She did wonderful sea themed songs for us and we all danced around out the frount in our costumes. Everyone had a ball. Thank you so much


(RE: Jeana Davidson, June 2017)

Hi Tamara, All went well, it was a special evening and John's wonderful musical contribution made all the difference. He really added to the atmosphere and appears to have an endless repertoire. My daughter took the photos on the evening and I'm not sure of what to expect, but when she develops them, if John appears, I'll be sure to forward them to you. Thanks again for your part in coordinating John to play for us on the day. Kind Regards,


(May 2017, RE: John Shawcross, Jazz Pianist)

Hi Tamara, It was a ripper night, Andy was at his brilliant best. I think the only hiccup was the fact that there is no mobile phone coverage in Lexton, Andy couldn't download any music for in-between sets, so he ended up playing twice as much live music! Poor Andy really earned his money! I've found a couple of photos that had Andy in them, (plenty of other very incriminating photos without Andy). Thanks again Tamara

Jason K

(RE: Andy Pobjoy, June 2017)

Kevin was great!!! He was exactly what we are looking for. He had tamberines and song books and gave me a few hints to help us tweek our minor faults....cheers!


(May 2017, RE: Kevin Mahoney)

Hi Tamara, As always Joe and carmen were great yesterday. The residents love them hugely. I have attached A LOT of photos for you to look over and use if you wish too. Some are out of focus, sorry!! 


(RE: Joe Serra, June 2017)

Hi Tamara, Peter did a lovely job. Everyone was very pleased .. He actually gave us some suggestions/options which were much appreciated. Thanks again for your efforts, Kind regards, 


(May 2017, RE: Peter Huf)