Hi Tamara Thank you! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect  Ali was exactly what we wanted in a DJ, the music was perfect & we couldn’t be happier with the atmosphere Ali creates. We really wanted quiet music throughout the meals and the music level was spot on during these times. There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation during the meal and you can’t hear over the music. Thank you for the recommendation for DJ Ali as our DJ !!  We should receive our wedding photos from the photographer in the next 6-8 weeks and I will be sure to send some through 


November 2018, RE: DJ Ali

Everything was fantastic! I danced my booty off... The band were amazing and super accommodating.  I’ll send you through photos as I receive them, unfortunately I was too distracted through the night and didn’t take any myself.  Thank you so much!  Regards 


October 2018, RE: The Shandeliers

Hi Tamara, Iain went down better than I thought, my daughter was sobbing( didn’t help the make up artist) I think she thought the whole day was magical from then on. My nephew( who is 38yrs) didn’t know about Iain as well and he was just as excited....Thank-you for allowing me to give my daughter such a wonderful surprise.


November 2018, RE: Iain Coombs

Hi Tamara, cant thank u and the guys from the band enough, it was a fantastic night, if any pics come thru l will send thru for sure xx


October 2018, RE: Jibberish

Hi Tamara, Thank you so much! Everything was absolutely perfect, Alastair was amazing and we had so many friends and family say how impressed they were on the night. I'll see what photos we have and some send on! Our night was just amazing I'm so glad we book Alastair he is just the best!! Thanks again,


October 2018, RE: Alastair Vick

Hi Tamara,Thankyou so much, l couldn’t speak more highly of DJ Graham. He was Great....Music selection was perfect for the audience. Very successful night. Will send photo’s when they come through. Regards and thanks again. 


October 2018, RE: DJ Graham

Hi Tamara It was lovely to walk into the Village the next day to be told by countless residents how good Joe was and how much they enjoyed his music...Cheers and thanks again


October 2018, RE: Joe Serra

Hey Tamara Everything went smoothly, it was such an excellent night, and everyone enjoyed Marty and Doc... Thanks so much,

Erin & Daniel

October 2018, RE: Marty & Doc