Graham was amazing! Everyone had an absolute blast and was getting comments from so many people on how on the mark he was for the ethos of music we liked but on how friendly and approachable he was.


(March 2018, RE: DJ Graham)

He was amazing and would recommend him again for sure


(March 2018, Re: Trent Hamilton)

Hi Tamara, It went excellent thank you, they were an absolute hit! Thanks, 

Megan W

(March 2018, Re: Jazz Connection)

Hi Tamara, Thankyou! It was the perfect day! Graham was brilliant and knew exactly what we wanted! I will definitely recommend him to others! Cheers


(March 2018, RE: DJ Graham)

Hi Tamara, Thanks for your email, we had an amazing weekend! Blue Wax was terrific, thank you for your recommendation! We also had great feedback from our guests who all got up for a dance. We're away this week but happy to send through some photos when we get home. Thanks again!


(March 2018, Re: Blue Wax)

Hi Tamara!!! He was wonderful!! We had the best night and I'll be sure to send through some photos when we get some! Haha. Thank you so much. We are the happiest people on earth right now

Erin K

(February 2018, RE: DJ Jay)

Hi Tamara, we had a fabulous night and Don was fantastic. Everyone commented on how great he was. No pics yet but when they start coming through I will send you some, 


(March 2018, RE: Don Fisher)

Hi Tamara, Yes everything went very well, lots of positive comments about the band especially Shandelle’s voice. Thanks so much


(February 2018, RE: The Shandeliers)