Hi Tamara, Thank you for your assistance with arranging Blue Wax to play at our Christmas party. It was a fun night and it was great to see that Nick & Michelle dressed up too! Kind Regards... Karen"

We all had a fantastic night. I have always been a fan of Nick and Michelle and once again they didn’t disappoint. We look forward to having them with us for New Year’s Eve.... Thanks Again. Aaron"

(Dec 2016, RE: Blue Wax)

Hi Tamara, Everything was great, love the boys instrumentally and vocally ....they are great fun and always make our night....even oldies get up and dance! Cheers,

Margot ...

(Dec 2016, RE: Catch22)

Hi Tamara,Everything went really well thank you. Jason was fantastic and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks again :)


(Dec 2016, RE: Jason Bull)

Hey Tamara,Thankyou. we had the best day and graham was fantastic. Thanks,


(Dec 2016, RE: DJ Graham)

Tamara, lovely talented young women they helped to make a beautiful afternoon a perfect afternoon...Thank you


(Dec 2016, RE: Duo Rosso)

Hi Tamara, Thanks! We had an absolute ball and so did all our guests. None of us in the bridal party or the guests wanted the band to stop playing....Cheers!


(Nov 2016, RE: John Stephensen Nebraska Red)

Thank you, yes EVERYONE was extremely happy with the band. And I’m sure they would realise that seeing the majority of us were up dancing.Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the evening, but I will check with others and will be happy to forward any on that I receive. Thanks again, and thanks to Blue Wax for great entertainment. Merry Christmas! Kind regards  

Judy P

(Dec 2016, RE: Blue Wax)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Sweet Strings as I’m outside that immediate space when the evening starts, however, I could hear them and they were fabulous! The Chancellor and his wife and others made comment about how wonderful they were, so please pass on. Kind regards


(Dec, 2016, RE: Sweet Strings)