Hi Tamara ! Matt was awesome !! Perfect for our night !! Everyone was up dancing !! We don’t have any photos yet but I’m happy to send some through once we get them! 


(January 2018, Re: Matt Orchard)

Tamara! It was absolutely amazing! We had such a ball!!! I even got on the mic and did a few songs! Haha We will have more pics in the next few days etc. So I’ll send some through!! Thank you for all your help in preparation for the wedding! I will definitely be using your services in the future!!!


(Jan 2018, RE: Big Love Thief)

Hi Tamara, Everything went perfectly! Kathleen and Steve were fabulous and added a great atmosphere to the spaces. It worked really well having them begin on the lawn and then move to the restaurant. We very much appreciated them being able to do this and will look to have a similar process at all elemental dinners....Thanks again Tamara, always a pleasure working with you, Kind Regards


(January 2018, RE: Kathleen Halloran)

Hi Tamara, DJ Ali was awesome, it was a great night. Thanks heaps. Regards


(Jan 2018, RE: DJ Ali)

“Hi Tamara, Thanks for that. The night was an absolute blast. Form the moment the boys arrived to end of their show they were the height of professionalism. The show they put on was first class all the way and made for a very memorable evening. We have had nothing but rave reviews from everyone that was there. Apart from the musical side of things, I have had heaps of comments on how friendly, easy going and engaging the boys were, during and between sets. I have already put some stuff on the FB page and we are getting more pics and Video’s coming in so I will get to you asap. What is the best way, email or FB? Also I was after a good pic of the band to put up on my Bar wall, is this something you could help with? Thanks for your efforts in getting this together


(January 2018, RE: Mr Meaner)

Hi Tamara. Thank you for your message. Craig and I were blissfully happy yesterday as we celebrated with family and friends. DJ Ali was approachable, child-friendly (there were 12 guests under 12 years of age!) and displayed an ability to 'read' the mood of the room and select appropriate and well-received tracks. Louisa Jones was our official photographer and she stayed until almost 10:30pm - taking LOADS of snaps of guests getting their groove on the dance floor! Once I have access to these images, I will definitely share some with you. Thanks again for your sincerely appreciated organisation and follow-up, Tamara.

Donna x

(January 2018, RE: DJ Ali)

Hi Tamara, Party was very successful! and Nic was great! He kept all of the kids entertained the whole time he was here. He was also very nice. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos this time but I will send through a couple that I have. Kind regards


(January 2018, RE: Krazy Koala)

Thanks so much Shandelle. You guys killed it. It was great having you play and making the night so memorable. Loved every minute. Thanks

Hi Tamara, Thanks for the email. We had an absolute blast. The Shandeliers were fanstastic. Everybody loved them!


(January 2018, RE: The Shandeliers)