Hi Tamara, Everything was great, love the boys instrumentally and vocally ....they are great fun and always make our night....even oldies get up and dance! Cheers,

Margot ...

(Dec 2016, RE: Catch22)

Hi Tamara, Chrissy was great!!! So down to earth, joined in well with everyone and had a beautiful voice. Thank you so much! ....


(Dec 2016, RE: Chrissy)

Hey Tamara,Thankyou. we had the best day and graham was fantastic. Thanks,


(Dec 2016, RE: DJ Graham)

Hi Tamara, It all went very smoothly. There was dancing until late! DJ Ali was wonderful.... Kind Regards,

Verity M

(Dec 2016, RE: DJ Ali)

Hi Tamara, Thanks! We had an absolute ball and so did all our guests. None of us in the bridal party or the guests wanted the band to stop playing....Cheers!


(Nov 2016, RE: John Stephensen Nebraska Red)

Thanks tamara, Jamie was fabulous - just perfect! And, on top of that, he was a lovely guy. We were very happy with how it all went. Thanks...

Sally F

(Dec 2016, RE: Jamie Pye)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Sweet Strings as I’m outside that immediate space when the evening starts, however, I could hear them and they were fabulous! The Chancellor and his wife and others made comment about how wonderful they were, so please pass on. Kind regards


(Dec, 2016, RE: Sweet Strings)

HI Tamara, Warren was great, we all enjoyed the afternoon very much, and it was a pleasure to have him there...

Arnold S

(Dec 2016, RE: Warren Jackman)