haze music blues performer Sweet Felicia

Blues performer

Australia’s darling of the Blues and multi-award winner.

Sweet Felicia has spent 30 years in the industry and has played with the best of them.... including Phil Manning, Jeff Lang and Lil’ Fi Felicia has spent the last 8 years as the main bassist in The Chris Wilson Band.

Her sound is paramount to the fact that music must be played from the heart to be enjoyed. She drives her band to swing hard and play hard. Taking on difficult job of singing and playing bass, and leading and managing her own band for the last ten years, she knows how to win over any audience in the world.

Sweet Felicia is a genuine, powerful artist and a popular addition to any festival or programme.

Sweet Felicia was a popular winner and entrant at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis USA 2011.  Out of 200 blues bands worldwide, Sweet Felicia and her band The Honeytones toughed it out to become of the 40 bands to make it to the semi-finals.  A proud achievement as one of the few Australian bands in the history of the Challenge to do so!! 

Sweet Felicia has recently returned from 7 months in Europe bringing her music once again to the international audience. This was her third successful overseas tour. Being based in Berlin for six months and France for one month she toured extensively through Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands.  She is ready to rock her homeland Australia again and her fans are happy for her return.

Whilst away in 2012 Sweet Felicia and the Honeytones recorded live... “Sweet Felicia and the Honeytones Live at BluesBaltica - Germany” is now available to purchase.

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