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Seven Piece Jazz Band

Sweet Ade is a lively, entertaining and unusual Melbourne based seven piece jazz band. The band features a large and unique range of instruments and a broad, very diverse repertoire.

Between them the seven experienced and talented musicians play recorders, reeds (soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet), piano, banjo, drums, washboard, piano accordion, ukuleles and sousaphone - and several band members contribute vocals in contrasting styles.

Sweet Ade’s style is "trad" (or "retro") for the younger generation) but quite different from a typical "trad" band. Sweet Ade is enjoyable, upbeat, tuneful, and entertaining.

Sweet Ade is available for a wide range of events, including:

  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • functions
  • parties
  • concert style shows
  • festivals
  • community events
  • aged care facilities
  • wineries
  • restaurants
  • indoor and outdoor venues
  • all age groups from children to mature age adults

The band tailors its choice of music for the occasion. The music can include some or all of:

  • jazz standards
  • early Australian jazz
  • well-known Australian tunes
  • ballads
  • klezmer
  • Latin
  • diverse popular tunes
  • a wide range of interesting, surprising and unexpected tunes
  • novelty tunes

The band has the experience to vary its style and atmosphere depending on the specific needs of an event. It might provide some or all of the following:

  • Laid back semi-acoustic background music to create a relaxed ambience
  • Music to create a lively, happy, upbeat atmosphere
  • Music that’s not too loud to drown out conversations
  • Interesting tunes to listen to
  • Music to get all age groups up onto the dance floor
  • Tunes with special appeal for children
  • Singalongs
  • Special requests

Sweet Ade is an entertaining band that appeals, not only to those with a specific jazz interest, but also to people not necessarily familiar with jazz who want an entertaining band that appeals to many age groups and tastes.

For those with an interest in Australian jazz, the band’s repertoire includes many tunes by Ade Monsbourgh (after whom the band is named) and his contemporaries.

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