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Keyboard / Guitar Duo

Meet Zane Carrol and Andy Pobjoy: serial wedding crashers.

On weekends, you'll spot them, slipping in through the kitchen, mingling with guests, laughing, smiling, working the room.  Everything looks totally normal until.... BAM!  It's party time!  That's when you know it's time to celebrate with the Wedding Crashers.

Andy and Zane have been entertaining together at weddings for over a decade.  Andy's talent as a jazz vocalist and instrumentalist are surpassed only by Zane's enormous skill as an acoustic vocalist and guitarist.  Together, they provide the most extensive range of musical entertainment possible.  All styles, all tastes: you name it, Wedding Crashers have it covered.

Zane Carrol is not your ordinary wedding singer.  Zane’s commanding vocal ability and massive acoustic guitar sound set him apart from his peers.  Zane is the quintessential “stand and deliver” frontman, each song carefully chosen and skilfully delivered in an acoustic style.  Zane’s extensive repertoire and musical “sixth sense” ensures the perfect balance of ambience and entertainment.

Andy Pobjoy is the yoga guru of wedding entertainment.  His flexibility as a performer is astounding.  As a roving performer, Andy can provide sultry saxophone or jazzy flute whilst guests enjoy pre-dinner drinks and canapés.  As a pianist and vocalist, Andy’s repertoire ranges from swing classics of The Ratpack era, through to the iconic songs of Elton John and Billy Joel, right through to the most loved songs of the 80’s, 90’s and today.

Together, Wedding Crashers provide a one-stop solution to all your wedding entertainment needs:  music at the ceremony, roving entertainment, or simply music at the reception.  Wedding Crashers will work closely with you as a couple to perfectly tailor entertainment suited to your needs, tastes and budget.




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