haze music tribute band 8 Tease

80's Tribute Band

Full costume, high energy 80's tribute band

If you remember Rubik’s cubes, cassette tapes, puffy shirts, space invaders and the decade Margaret Thatcher ruled the universe then you need 8tease at your next function!

8tease are a 3 member outfit from Geelong Australia, and they party hard with authentic outfits mixing latest technology with old to make your experience as electric as a DeLorean flux capacitor.

They've work hard to make our sound as authentic as it was back in the 80's taking you on a musical tour de-force through the years when 80's tunes blasted from your transistor radio!

8tease are perfect for corporate events, birthdays, weddings—you provide the party, they shall bring the magic! If you want people dancing on the ceiling and having a radical time then 8tease is sure to please...

Members of 8tease are Ann-Maree Keefe Darren McKay Robert Hensel




 99 Luft Ballons

 Boys In Town

 Funky Town (Live)

 Hungry Like a Wolf

 Living on a Prayer (Live)

 My Sharona

 Only The Lonely

 Send Me An Angel